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Guild Wars 2
« on: January 10, 2017, 11:07:32 AM »
Good day all.

My request for a Guild Wars 2 port is very simple. The developer does have a Mac client, but unfortunetly it has been in "Beta" since launch of the game (4 Years). this means that the game runs very slow, and it is not optimized very well, as development has not been maintained. Since then, GW2 has seen the deployment of a 64bit Client that inproves stability; however the Mac client which uses a Cider wrap, continues to run on a 32bit, as well as limiting the video ram to 256mb even if your system has more (there are some fixes for that, but still).

Basically I would like to have a more stable game experience, closer to that of the windows client, and help bring a great F2P game to the Mac community, where they sacrifice nothing, or at the very least very little.

Thank you in advanced.


PS: GW2 runs using DX9 and it is more CPU bound.