Author Topic: Please Port The Rest of the Command Conquer Games on Origin  (Read 1036 times)

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Please Port The Rest of the Command Conquer Games on Origin
« on: September 21, 2015, 04:35:29 AM »
I setup with the Porting Kit, Red Alert 2 & Yuriís Revenge (Origin) and was thrilled with the results. It works beautifully!

I would love to see the rest of the series of C&C titles on Origin all get the same treatment. That would be awesome. If I recall correctly from persuing AppDB in the past all of these should work well. It would be nice to also get C&C Renegade ported to complete the package.

I know we are all set for Red Alert 2 & Yuriís Revenge with the free version port already available as well as the excellent free version Red Alert 1 & expansion from CnCnet that has a port here too. Iíve set both of those up and I am very happy with them. They work great! Nice job.

I notice we have C&C 3 and expansion Origin version ports too so thatís all set. I plan to get that next after setting up Tiberian Sun & Firestorm which is running now.

So what is missing for me would be:

Tiberian Dawn & Covert Missions ideally SP/MP from CnCnet like the Red Alert 1 port.

Red Alert 3 and its expansion (Origin) version.

C&C Renegade (Origin) version.

C&C 4 (Origin) version (if this works with Wine). This last one while controversial for its gameplay changes and ending is still something Iíd really like playing to see it through for myself.

The Red Alert 2/Yuriís Revenge Origin installation tonight went beautifully. So hopefully we can get these others in Origin form as well. I bought the full set of C&C games there some time ago.

Thanks so much for all the work that goes into all of this. Great stuff! Iím really happy about being able to run C&C games in OS X.  :)
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Re: Please Port The Rest of the Command Conquer Games on Origin
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2015, 05:40:22 AM »
Hello Glad to see that you are loving the porting kit as much as we love adding games  :) :)

If you type origin in the search in the porting kit there is some more C&C games there that you might like. As for the other C&C games that you wanted I would first try the Originbuild 1.7.35 this may just work stock with the other C&C games but i will try and get these games for origin and talk to Paul about them since we don't own these games it might take us sometime to get them since i am pretty stocked with games TODO but i will try my hardest to get these games for you and upload them to the porting kit.

Please post what games you would like added with the links :) :)