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Star Wars Dark Forces II
« on: May 24, 2016, 03:01:15 AM »
I bought the Dark Forces 2 on Gog and everytime I try to install it it installs jedi knight 2 outcast. I have tried many times and redownload the file from Gog many times. I got the Mysteries of the Jedi to work but cant get Dark Forces 2. Am I doing something wrong when installing? The Gog installer part even says Dark Forces 2 but I get a blue menu screen rather than a darkish orange menu screen like it is supposed to be?

The orangish one is what it should be? and the blue one is a screen shot of what I am getting? When I played the orginal game years and years ago on my old pc it was orangish.
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Re: Star Wars Dark Forces II
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Hey Bobby!

Yeah, I would contact about it. That game is native Mac on their side. They offer support for those games. This is there contact form