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How you can help!
« on: September 26, 2016, 01:18:00 PM »
Ladies and Gentle People!

This topic is about how you can help! Well, you can, in matter of fact, we need you more then ever! We have a wide region of things where you can help. And if you feel called, then we are glad with every effort you take to help us out. Below a list of things where you can help out. Choose some thing(s) you want to do to help the project below:

Rank games!
Everyone can Rank games. Games need ranking to see how the game runs on your videocard. This piece of information is vital for Porting Kit users. Some games for example runs Great on Nvidia and AMD video cards, but have problems on for example Intel HD Graphics Cards. Itís a small effort but has big impact for the community. So this action is vital for a reliable game database!

Promote Porting Kit!
Promote Portingkit on your website, advise it on game forums, Mac forums, rank/vote for portingkit on websites like:, or Make sure to leave tracks to Porting Kit everywhere!

Create WSI files! (More advanced)
For the people more familier with wine we have a special task for you if you like to port games yourself. Share them with the community and add the games to Porting Kit! For more info about that check this specific topic on the forum: 

Donate to the project!
To keep us alive we need funds to pay the bills and hosting. There is a lot of expenses we need to cover, so any support would be great to help us carrying the financial burden. You can donating using the Porting Kit app, or donate button on In not too long we are happy to announce the Premium membership on to be shown as co-builder of this project with its own extra benefits!

So here we are, we are glad with your support on any kind mentioned here.
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