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ATTENTION! Read Before Posting
« on: May 07, 2015, 11:15:05 AM »
First of all: That section is for Porting Kit bugs, not port bugs. If you are having a problem with a port, go to Games -> Discussions.

If you are going to put an Issue/Bug be sure of somethings:

- That bug wasn't posted yet. It might have happened with someone else too.

- If that issue/bug caused a crash, send the PK output and the Crash Dialog. Here is how to do it (if you have already closed the crash dialog and can't manage to repeat the bug, start at step 6):
  • Copy the Crash Dialog before closing it
  • Open the TextEdit and start a new document
  • On TextEdit, click on 'Format' -> 'Make Plain Text'
  • Using Cmd + V paste the Crash Dialog in TextEdit
  • Save the document has your-bug-name-here-Crash.txt
  • Type Console in Spotlight
  • Open the Console app using Spotlight
  • Type Porting Kit in the Console search bar
  • Using Cmd + A and Cmd + C copy everything in the program window
  • Create a new document again repeating the steps 2 and 3
  • Using Cmd + V paste the Console output in TextEdit
  • Save the document has your-bug-name-here-Console.txt
  • Upload both has the attachments of your topic

The reason for that? Our forum has a text limit for topics, but that output is extremely helpful on solving bugs. To avoid wasting your characters with error dialogs upload them as attachments. Converting them to Plain Text reduce the size of the file. If your outputs are very small (enough to fit in the topic) you can post them directly, but remember to use the tag code (select the output and click on the # button).
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