Author Topic: Getting error message "the main exe of this port is missing!" help  (Read 47 times)

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I have been playing Neverwinter nights 1 diamond edition through porting kit successfully for about a week now, the game is from GOG and I had no issues downloading it. I am using a macbook air with High Sierra and have the most current version of Porting kit. Yesterday when I went to play it, the game froze so I had to force quit. When I force quit, there were three different things that had NWM in the title, I didn't pay much attention and force quit all three and then restarted my computer.

Now when I got to porting kit to play the game I get this error message "the main exe of this port is missing!"
I have no idea if i accidentally deleted something or messed up some how. When I look in finder the setup nwn files that end in .exe and .bin are still there. 

Please help, I have no idea if I f***ed up or what. I would hate to have to reinstall the game and lose all my progress  :-\

Thank you

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Re: Getting error message "the main exe of this port is missing!" help
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2019, 09:49:37 AM »
YEah, it's a bug that slipped in with the custom Wineskin, we were forced to use it because the old version showed massive issues in Mojave, so we had to move to the new wineskin. We are working on the problem. and please if anyone runs into this kind of issue, sent us a technical report in using the help form so Vitor can investigate the bug. It happens once in a while and we cannot get a finger on the issue yet.