Author Topic: HOW TO create WSI files with Porting Center (outdated)  (Read 3800 times)

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HOW TO create WSI files with Porting Center (outdated)
« on: September 15, 2016, 05:46:58 PM »
Many people asked that, so I though it would be a good idea to create a guide explaining how to create a WSI file for your wrapper. Firstly, you need a functional and finished Wineskin, CXSkin, CXZ or CXEx. In case you don't have one, check the other guides first. Now, a little explanation about what is a WSI file:

A WSI file is an archive with port details inside. Basically, if you create a WSI file using Porting Center for a wrapper, Porting Kit will be able to recreate that same wrapper using only the WSI file. That makes porting easier, since you will only need to share a 1Mb file instead of the real wrappers. You can even attach them in posts here in the forum, so there is no need to worry about hosting it too.

Well, now to the guide:

Step 0: Download the Porting Center
You can find it here:

Step 1: Open your port with PC
Open the Porting Center and press Offline Mode (since you don't have an official WSI Developer account, you won't be able to upload the WSI directly to the server, so you can only use the offline mode). After that, go to File -> Open... and select the port.

Step 2: Export your port as a WSI
You can check if everything is adjusted according to your will first. After that, press File -> 'Create WSI at...'. A new window will appear.

Step 3: Adjust the custom engine download path
That step is only valid in case you are using a custom engine. You should provide a direct download link in the Custom Engine Link field so PK can download it in order to create the port. If you are using a regular engine which is available in Wineskin Winery, just leave that field blank.

Step 4: Setting the WSI source
That step is optional. In case your app can be acquired throw a website, like Steam, you can provide the buying link in the Source Link field. You can also put the source name in the Source field. The names that are in the Source field combobox have icons in PK. Any other name will show the Other icon (an interrogation sign).

Step 5: Setting the Dependency ID
Only valid if you are creating a port for an expansion pack or mod for a game which is already available in the Porting Kit. Put that game ID (which can be found be opening the game description in PK) in the Dependency ID (optional) field and you will be ready.

Step 6: Setting the Description and Trailer Link
In the Description tab, you can right the app description and put a trailer link. You can put whatever you want in the description field, however, a warning: all the text font will be changed to Helvetica on saving, and PK will also set the font to Helvetica before showing it, so there is no way to use different fonts. The trailer link field supports links from YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo Videos, DailyMotion, Vube and You can also use direct links of videos or images.

Step 7: Setting Extra Files
Extra files are files downloaded by PK during the installation process of the port, which might be downloaded to specific paths or simply executed by the port. That can be used to install the latest patch of a game, install a game which has no installer or even install mods. You just need to add a direct link to the file in the item Download Link field. You can also use only the filename, in case there is no direct link.

In the Destination Place field you may choose where in the wrapper it's going to be downloaded. In case it's only a one run time file, like a patch installer, press the Autorun ON/OFF button and the file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. At least, you can choose between downloading the extra files before or after using the main installer of the app (if any). We gonna talk about that main installer again in step 9.

Step 8: Setting Genres
What they are used for? In offline WSIs, for nothing, but only for now. In future releases, PK will be able to search in Local and Server games by Genre, so it's good to keep that right. The tab itself is self explainable. Just check the Genres which your app apply for.

Step 9: Settings the Installer
In case your app requires an installer, like CD games or Microsoft Office, enable that option. With that, PK will ask for an installer while creating the port. In case you set the installer name, it will only allow the user to select an app which matches that name. At least, if your app is a Steam, Origin or Uplay game, you just need to check the option in that same tab. That will automatically download the program and install the required winetricks to run it. Talking about winetricks...

Step 10: Settings the winetricks
In case your app is an Origin game you won't need to install the Origin winetricks twice, since PK is already going to install them because you selected the Origin option in the previous tab. In case you accidentally installed two winetricks in sequence which nullifies the first one, you don't need to make other people install it too. In case a winetrick can only be installed after the app installer, there is no problem. Need to change the port engine? No problem. A winetrick is only needed by specific video cards? Your problems are over. These are some of the possible reasons to use that tab.

Everything related to winetricks and engine change can be solved in that tab. All the cases explained above can be solved by adjusting that tab correctly.

Step 11: FnToggle
In case your app requires the F1-F12 regular functions and you don't want to hold Fn to use them, you just need to enable that option. It will automatically switch the Fn keys functions so you can use F1-F12 in your app, and as soon as you close it they will be back to their original state, and you will be able to increase and decrease your screen bright and change your volume.

Note: That feature ONLY works if you launch the app throw PK.

Step 12: Save the WSI
Just press Ok and choose where do you want to save it. The created WSI should be able to create a perfect replica of your port, and all your friends will be able to use that same app by just installing a 1Mb file :)

Porting Center has other functionalities, but this is the most used one. The WSI files policy only have a few rules:
1. Don't use it to spread malwares in any case
2. Don't charge for it without PaulTheTall's and/or VitorMM's permission
3. Don't create WSI files that install pirated copies of any kind of app

And that's all. Enjoy it  ;D
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Re: HOW TO create WSI files with Porting Center (outdated)
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