Author Topic: C&C Generals & C&C Generals Zero Hour - Mismatch and sync error on Network game  (Read 298 times)

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I have installed the C&C Generals + Zero Hour from Origin.

I can play the solo game without problem (Campaign, Challenge and Skirmiss) but I tried to play with someone else on the Network and all started good, but after a while I keep getting an error message:

“Game has detected a mismatch. This means the multiplayer game has lost synchronization data between players”

I must note that the other computer that I’m playing against is a PC with Windows 7, and so the C&C Generals is running on the official and most updated Origin installer for Windows, while I’m of course playing on my Macbook by using the port from PortingKit which has an older version of Origin.

Things that I’ve tried without good results:

- In both computers I keep the Oringins in “Offline mode”
- In both computers I have switched off “Origin in Game” and “Cloud Storage”
- I’ve made sure that both C&C Generals are the same version

NOTE: If I play in 2 windows computers, this problems doesn’t happen… it only happens when I try to mix playing with a Windows and a Mac