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Anno 2070 Complete workaround
« on: July 07, 2016, 06:57:21 PM »
Here a small post about a fix which Sebastian Leitner has given to me for anno 2070 Complete. Feel free to test it. I haven’t checked it for myself, but I assume if it works for Sebastian it may also work for you:

I bare good news! i got deep ocean to work. it’s a little bit of fiddling around but now it works 100%!

this guide helped a lot although you do not need all of those steps:

first, you need to get this:
let wineskin install it in the wrapper - it will give an error about the EULA.rtf not found which can be ignored. it resets the autopatcher and after the install finishes you can “verify” all 2070 files which will say things are out of sync and re-download and re-patch. for some reason you have to force it to do that this way.

for me then a dialogue popped up that the patch server cannot be found but you can enter a proxy. i used google proxy at port 80: “” make sure there are those 4 periods as well! after that it patched again and i was asked to put in my serial key of 2070 which i did. it then updated to deep ocean and i can now enjoy it. gees!

Another thing: even the great mod or kinda total conversion ARRC 2170 works! i duplicated the complete wrapper app and installed it in the new one (extracted the exe) it let’s you start via uplay and boots up the modded version with lots of altered content. so many things to discover and activate. you really need to play every single mission and infinite game to find all the hidden bonus content.

Also multiplayer features an interesting coop or versus concept but i read about lots of cheaters. i think anno 2070 is on of the best secret games for mac. i do not understand why they did not bother with an official mac port. 
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