Author Topic: Frequent choppiness and lock ups with Neverwinter Nights Diamond (GoG)  (Read 231 times)

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First of all, let met just say a very big "thank you" to the Porting Kit team for allowing me the chance to relive multi-player LAN gaming with Neverwinter Nights. Very pleasant gaming memories... You guys rock!

Now, on to my issue. While we are able to play the official campaign for NWN Diamond (GoG version), our gaming experience has been marred by frequent choppiness and lock ups, mostly on one of the three computers we are using. The computers we are using are:

2017 MacBook Pro 15" running MacOS High Sierra 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB memory
2017 MacBook Pro 15" running same OS and similar specs as above
2015 MacBook Pro 13" running same OS, don't have specs with me at present but I believe it was the 2.8 Ghz Intel Core i5 processor and 8-16 GB of memory (can get the specifics when I return home if needed)

The problem is primarily on the third computer. We connect via wireless LAN on a 5 Ghz network and we have repeatedly noticed that the action pauses on the third computer for a few seconds, only for it to resume with no intervention. Some of these pauses become permanent lockups, requiring the computer to be rebooted. To compensate for this, we have been saving the game frequently, but as we have often had to reload (usually 1-2 times per 1 hour gaming session), I thought I'd reach out to see if this is a known problem with this game.

Occasionally I get lockups on the other two computer, but not nearly as frequently, as never with the pauses that I described above.

Things I have tried:

1) Virus scan the affected computers
2) Make sure the affected computers are running the latest OS
3) Make sure the affected computers are not running any other software in the background (mail programs, web browsers, etc)

Things I plan to try in case I get no other suggestions:

1) Try playing via a wired network
2) Try changing the 3rd player to a desktop computer

That being said, I'm doubtful that these changes will fix the problem, so I would love to hear if the developers or other experienced users have suggestions.

Thanks again!