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Welcome to the Porting Community!

Here, you will able to find help for Porting Center/Kit, request more games and interact with other users. Click on the Forum button above to access the Forum boards, but remember these three basic rules before posting:

1- Be Kind
Porting Center/Kit are free softwares (just like our support), which means that we have no reason to answer rude questions and commentaries. Be kind with your words and we are going to do our best to help you.

2- No Piracy
We are only going to port legitimate copies of games, and for many obvious reasons sharing pirated softwares, keygens and cracks (no-CD/DVD patches) in the forum is forbidden. Posts containing pirated material will be removed without warning.

3- Search before Posting
You may not be the only one with your problem. Look for you problem in the forum before posting, and just then, if you don't find it, post it. Repeated posts will removed.

Instructions: Debug log
In case we need a debug log, do the following: Update the Porting Kit to the latest version, select the port in the Local tab, press More and then press Debug; that should start the port in debug mode. When you see the bug that you want to fix, close the port and the Porting Kit will show you a dialog offering the test run logs (in case it don't, press Alt + Cmd + Q and press Yes; it will appear in the very same moment).

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