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Install C&C Tiberian Dawn

Install C&C Tiberian Dawn

  • Updated on 10 August 2017

    This WSI file will automatically download and install C&C 1 (Tiberian Dawn) into the Porting Kit. It will create a wrapper, download 3 files (the game, in game movies and cncnet 5 for multiplayer. 

    Game description:

    Command & Conquer (popularly known as Tiberian Dawn) was the first Command and Conquer game, and the starting point of the Tiberius universe. Developed by Westwood Studios in 1995, Tiberian Dawn takes place when a strange crystalline substance called Tiberius starts appearing on Earth. While the Global Defense Initiative attempts to control the situation, a faction called the Brotherhood of Nod rises and attempts to destroy GDI and embrace the “Tiberius Age”. 


    After playing about 5 hours with trial and error, see screenshot 1 and screenshot 2 for the best settings in the C&C config. Also advised is to set the scroll speed on the lowest setting. 

    This installation has 3 shortcuts:

    1. Single player game

    2. Multiplayer game using cncnet 5

    3. Configuration settings


    - Before starting the game first run the config to set resolution!

    - Game works great now!!

    If you like the port then please consider donating to the project. Have fun!

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