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  • Updated on 5 March 2017

    This WSI file will create a Wrapper and install Battlefield 2 Complete Collection into that Wrapper. Looks like Battlefield 2 is Abandonware and offers the game for free now. They also offer the Mac version as well, however, for me this port doesn’t work at all. So I offer this alternative. follow these steps:

    1. Download the Mac port up here…

    2. Install this port using the install button. It will end in and error, but click it away.

    3. Then open the DMG file you download in step 1 and Move the Battlefield 2 game wrapper to you desktop.

    4. Right-click wrapper —> show package content —> navigate to: —>  contents —>  

        resources —> Transgaming —> c_drive —> program files

    5. Copy the “ea games” folder

    6. Go in porting kit to the Battlefield 2 game port in local library

    7. Click “more” —> open c: —> program files

    8. Paste the “ea games” folder into the program files folder (that location only)

    9. After copy complete —> close the window.

    10. Press play at the game in Porting Kit!

    Game description:

    Lock and load, soldier! Head out to the frontline of the 21st century with the original Battlefield 2™. Choose an army and enter the fray with laser-designated bombs, wire-guided missiles, sniper rifles, and much more. Roar onto the battlefield in tactical fighters, main battle tanks, four-wheel drive assault buggies, and other advanced vehicles. This is no minor skirmish—this is the ultimate collection of high-tech warfare on the modern battlefield.


    - The Porting Kit

    - A two button mouse with scroll-wheel (recommended)

    - Origin version of the game

    Important Notes:

    - Internet games won’t work!! So or solo or LAN games only!

    - Searching multiplayer games online will crash the game.

    - Fix glitches by:




    Setting TERRAIN quality to Medium or High causes black hexagonal texture glitching in ground textures (GPU/driver independent).