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Install Gothic 2 Gold

Install Gothic 2 Gold

  • Updated on 20 March 2019

    This WSI file will create a Wrapper and install Gothic 2 Gold into that Wrapper. The and Gamersgate version is tested and DRM free. So this version is advised to use (not the Steam version). When you don’t own the Windows game yet, then the WSI file will supply you the link to the game page where you can purchase this Windows game. Click “Install” to download and create the Wrapper. For questions and help check the help/faq tab in the Portingkit.

    Important note:

    Make sure you download the "offline backup setup files" into your download folder from your Library before you install the game (Not the Blue Download button which is GOG galaxy). Then click install.

    Game description:

    You have torn down the magical barrier and released the prisoners of the Mine Valley. Now the former criminals of the forests and mountains are causing trouble around the capital of Chorines. The town militia is powerless due to their low amount of force ? outside of the town, everyone is helpless against the attacks of the bandits. With the Add-on Night of the Raven the fight for the island around Chorines will be much harder. The band of the evil is searching in the Ruins of Time for a new weapon which will decide the war between good and evil. Your mission: Go into the forgotten valley and find the weapon before they do? 


    - The free Porting Kit app

    - A two Button USB mouse with scroll-wheel (recommended)

    - The or Gamersgate version of Gothic 2 Gold


    In order to play the game you need to delete the Vdfs32e.exe file in the game folder (/Program Files/JoWooD Productions Software AG/Gothic II Gold/system/) doing this way: Go to the application folder —> right click gothic 2 —> show package content —> c_drive —> navigate to the game folder using the path mentioned above and delete the Vdfs32e.exe file. When thats done you can launch the game using the  “play” button in the local library tab in the Portingkit.

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