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Install Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

  • Updated on 21 May 2018

    This WSI file will create a Wrapper and install Star Wars Racer Episode 1 into that Wrapper. The GOG version is tested and DRM free. So this version is advised to use (not the Steam version). When you don't own the Windows game yet, then use the links here to go to the game page where you can purchase this Windows game. Then download the setup file from your library into your download folder and click “Install” to create the game Wrapper. For questions and help check the Help/FAQ tab in the Porting Kit.

    Game description:

    Take the controls as Anakin Skywalker, or any one of over 21 Podracers, and feel the full-force blast of two massive jet engines at simulated speeds of up to 600 mph. Rein in a turbine-driven chariot through 8 spectacular worlds. Negotiate through flaming methane lakes, Tusken Raider assaults, ant-gravity tunnels and much more in a pulse-punding, do-or-die fight to the finish where anyone will do anything to cross the finish line. How far will you go?


    - The free Porting Kit app

    - A two Button USB mouse with scroll-wheel (recommended)

    - The version of Star Wars Racer Episode 1


    - Ingame clips/intros has no sound. The game/races itself plays the sounds/music fine.

    - Resolution is 640x480. Have no clue yet how to “hack/patch” the resolution to widescreen yet. When discovered, the game page will be adjusted, or port will be updated.

    - With the recent installers of GOG, the installation will end in a few errors. If they occur, then just click them away. It won’t effect the game in any way.

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