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  • Updated on 25 November 2017

    This WSI file will create a Wrapper and install Windows Steam into that Wrapper. All 3 Brother in Arms games, will work in this Steam wrapper. Brothers in Arms - Earned in Blood, Brothers in Arms - Road 30 and Brothers in Arms - Hells Highway. Simply install the Steam Wrapper. Login into the Windows Steam. Add the Steam game when you don’t own the game yet. Download and play the game!

    Game description:

    Based on a true story. Set during the famous airdrop before the invasion at Normandy, where Sgt. Matt Baker and his squad of 101st Airborne Paratroopers were scattered over the French countryside.  As the story unfolds, you must choose between the success of your mission and the lives of your men - your brothers in arms. Brothers In Arms: will immerse players in the historic, eight-day invasion of Normandy - with unparalleled imagery, authenticity, sound, and gameplay. 


    - Brothers in Arms - Hells Highway is the most “heavy requiring” one, which means, a medium/High-end Mac is required to play that specific game in high settings. The other 2 games, will also work fine on low-end Mac’s.

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