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Install Blitzkrieg 2 - Liberation

  • Updated on 11 October 2017

    This WSI file will create a Wrapper and install Blitzkrieg 2 Libiration (part of the Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology) into that Wrapper. When you don’t own the Windows game yet, then this page supplies you the link to the game page where you can purchase this Windows game. First download the Blitzkrieg 2 - Liberation file from your game library into your download folder. Then click ”Download” to download and create the Wrapper. For questions and help check the help/faq tab in the Portingkit.

    Game description:

    Once more into the breach, soldier. Did you think you already won the war? Quit rest in’ on them laurels because the enemy is rolling up on us as we speak. We got the Germans on one side and the Russians, who are busy steamrolling through Eastern Europe, and us, the few, the proud, and the ones right in the middle of it all, the Americans. Get your gear together, load up your M1 Carbine and move out, private!


    - The free Porting Kit app

    - A two Button USB mouse with scroll-wheel (recommended)

    - The version of Blitzkrieg 2


    - Blitzkrieg 2 Libiration (part of the Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology, the main game and Fall of third reich are also in Porting Kit) 

    With the recent installers of, the installation will end in a few errors. If they accuse, then just click them away. It won’t effect the game in any way.

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