Delta Force Extreme

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Install Delta Force Extreme

Install Delta Force Extreme

  • Updated on 17 July 2017

    This WSI file will create a Wrapper and install the Windows Steam or the version of the game into that Wrapper. 

    - For version, download the Delta Force setup file from you library into your download folder before clicking “install”.

    - For Steam version click “Install” to create the Steam Wrapper. After install Login into the Windows Steam and add the serial and download and install the game! For questions and help check the Help/FAQ tab in the Porting Kit.

    Game description:

    Powered by today’s gaming technology, Delta Force: Xtreme brings the classic Delta Force game back to life to face the enemy once more. As a member of the elite Delta Force, prepare yourself to take on over 60 levels of frantic single and multiplayer FPS action, including graphically enhanced missions from the original game, new maps, improved game features, STATS and much more!


    - The free Porting Kit app

    - A two Button USB mouse with scroll-wheel (recommended)

    - The Steam and version of Delta Force Extreme


    - Steam or version only.

    - Multiplayer is not available (not working) as the page already mentions.

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