Install Windows® Games inside your Mac

Using Wineskin technology, Porting Kit can install games and apps compiled for Microsoft Windows® in Mac OS X. It's free, it's simple, it's the Porting Kit. Find Porting Kit difficult to use? Follow this tutorial. Want to know more about it? Click here.

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Porting Center

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Anyone can participate

Former WSI Developers can release their game ports directly in the Porting Kit Database, but anyone can take part on it. Using Porting Center, anyone can export a port as a WSI file and share that file accross the Web. Sure, you will need some knowledge in porting to start, however, with time and effort, you can become a Standalone WSI Developer.

Furthermore, it's also a port editor, and can also be used with any kind of Wineskin-based port, like CXSkin, CXZ and CXEx, export them as WSI files too, converting them to the most recent Wineskin Wrappers. It also has some exclusive features which will help you to improve your port visually and mechanically.


Every member of the Porting Project is important in your own way
PaulTheTall picture

Paul The Tall

Main WSI Developer, Sponsor

Paul added most part of the ports in the server and is Porting Kit only sponsor, handling all the costs of Porting Kit, like the website.

VitorMM picture


WSI Developer, App Developer, Webdesigner

Vitor created both Porting Center and Kit, just like the websites. He also added some games to the library, like Skyrim and Injustice.

Rowns picture


WSI Developer

Raoul was the first WSI Developer to join the team after Porting Kit release. He is the one who added games like Banished and Populous 3.

112madgamer picture


WSI Developer

Rylee is the second WSI Developer with more ports until the moment (just after Paul). He added GTA II, Far Cry 2 and many other games.