Porting Kit Update – 1.9.52

Hello everyone! Here is VitorMM, and I’m here to announce that a Porting Kit Update was released today as stable! Since Porting Kit 1.9.18, the Crash Log feature started to work, and people could send us the logs of their crashes, which allowed me to update the Porting Kit and fix some of its still unknown problems.

I would like to thanks to ALL the people that sent their Crash Logs, and ask everyone to keep sending if you have any crash! Thanks to you, I’ve been able to do 8 Bug Fixes and 1 Improvement to the Porting Kit, among with many other changes made by me since the last Paul post, which includes (summed up):

  • Fixed: Signature problem solved
  • Fixed: If the download of a WSI corrupts, PK won’t crash trying to launch it
  • Fixed: File extractions won’t crash the app if the file location couldn’t be detected
  • Fixed: Sparkle updated
  • Fixed: Crashes won’t happen if something goes wrong during the NEWS tab loading
  • Fixed: Translations should be loaded correctly now
  • Fixed: Avoiding crash if port gets unselected in local tab during remotion
  • Fixed: If the user cancels the selection of a local custom engine, PK won’t crash
  • Fixed: Added a try/catch statement to the add application panel, in order to avoid an unknown crash
  • Fixed: If there was an error obtaining the full size of a file during a download, PK will handle it
  • Improved: Brazilian Portuguese translation updated
  • Fixed: If the user starts to type something in the search bar, the actual item is unselected
  • Improved: Now the library description will only appear in the first moment; switching between Local and Server tabs or using the search won’t show it again
  • Improved: The user now can’t install two wrappers at the same time (it use to corrupt both wrapers)
  • Improved: Switching between Local and Server tab won’t close a description
  • Improved: Installed games with a recent internal description will show their game IDs
  • Fixed: Added an exception catcher to avoid crashes when loading an app description (reported by two users)
  • Fixed: Buy and Visit Site buttons should now appear again
  • Fixed: Detection of Crash Logs should be working now
  • Fixed: The download of the Master Wrapper won’t be silent anymore
  • Improved: The Master Wrapper download/extraction algorithm was improved
  • Improved: When clicking on a game in the server list, its ratings will appear instantly
  • Fixed: Corrupted master wrappers should be removed correctly
  • Improved: FAQ now answer things related to the latest changes
  • Improved: Four verifications were added during the wrapper creation process in order to detect problems
  • Improved: If the user has no permissions over the /tmp folder, PK will keep working in the wrapper location
  • Fixed: New master wrappers won’t be extracted with 7za, but with tar again
  • Note: The above fix solves the Wine Prefix problem affecting new users
  • Fixed: Game description, trailer and ID are saved after the port creation
  • Improved: Add-Ons will look for ports with their dependency game ID only
  • Improved: Cancelling the Add-On port search will enable you to select any Wineskin port instead
  • Improved: If the Wine Prefix Creation fails, the wrapper creation will be cancelled
  • Improved: If the Main EXE can’t be found after the port creation, PK will inform that it failed
  • Changed: The NEWS tab now loads the Porting Kit News page instead of PaulTheTall.com home page
  • Changed: Some information was added and a typo was fixed in the FAQ
  • Added: Support to Add-On ports
  • Improved: When installing an add-on, Steam, Origin and Uplay won’t be installed twice
  • Improved: Both Wineskin binaries (from Frameworks and from Wineskin.app MacOS) now have its permissions adjusted, just in case
  • Fixed: Wrappers won’t be removed by the kill wineskin processes function
  • Improved: The installation won’t fail if the Wineskin binary is with the wrong permission; it’s going to be adjusted

More stable then ever, I would say :D One more thing: we noticed that some people still use very old Porting Kit versions. We always try to give you improvements, new features and bug fixes in new releases, so I recommend you to keep PK updated if you want to enjoy the maximum experience :)

  • Add-Ons (Expansion Packs for example) are only supported from Porting Kit 1.9.0 and beyond;
  • Origin games are only supported from Porting Kit 1.8.61 and beyond;
  • Uplay games are only supported from Porting Kit 1.8.66 and beyond.

If you know someone which still uses old Porting Kit version, remind them to keep updated ;) The recommended version is the last stable version three days after the release.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…