Porting Kit 2.4.107 released!

Has I just said, Porting Kit 2.4.107 was released, and many fixes came with it! In fact, some great changes were done since Porting Kit 2.4.40, so let’s start talking about them! Firstly, let’s focus in the most important one: Uplay ports now are working again! If you tried to install an Uplay port and it was failing to login, update to the latest PK and try again.

The second most important one: apps search now is MUCH better. Ok, we still don’t have Genres or Sources filtering yet… but now, the apps search recognizes abbreviations, can search for each separately and can even recognize a roman number and some synonyms!

Now, to the other changes:

  • Renaming an app in the Properties window will also update its name in the library
  • News and Community tabs now can show error messages, just like the trailer window
  • Create custom port now can also create Origin and Uplay ports
  • Now you can create custom ports with Mac Driver enabled
  • Now when you go leave a game description in grid mode with a trailer playing, the trailer will stop
  • Created ports now are going to have new Wineskin Menu items to improve the user experience
  • If your internet connection is unstable, PK won’t download the winetricks file improperly
  • Winetrick quicktime76 should work now, however it isn’t silent anymore
  • 64 bit wrappers will have the correct Steam, Origin and Uplay path
  • App icon should look good in Sierra alerts
  • Google related links won’t pop-up in your browser
  • ‘Reply post’ button of forum should be working again
  • WSI which doesn’t have Direct3D, OpenGL or DllOverrides overrides won’t clean the values of the port

Hope you like it :) The Legacy version still didn’t got a release with these new features and fixes, but that should arrive very soon with Porting Kit 2.5 :D

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

And in case you use macOS 10.6 or 10.7, get the Legacy version instead, right here…

Porting Kit update banner by Stuart Ludwig
Porting Kit update banner by Stuart Ludwig

Porting Kit Legacy 2.4.31 released

You must be wondering why is the Porting Kit Legacy 2.4.31 release being focused instead of the regular version. Well, that’s because that version has lots of bug fixes for the Legacy version :)

Remember the crash when you closed Porting Kit Legacy? It’s over. Snow Leopard user, remember how the sizing slider of the grid view looked terrible for you? No more. Also, RAR files and the FnToggle feature now are Legacy compatible.

That, and many other things, were fixed in that release. There are still somethings that need to be fixed in the Legacy version, however that should cover most of them for a while ;)

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

And in case you use macOS 10.6 or 10.7, get the Legacy version instead, right here…

Porting Kit update banner by Stuart Ludwig

Porting Kit 2.4.0 release

That’s it. Porting Kit 2.4.0 was released today. There were many updates since PK 2.2.76, and as usual I will five you a brief resume of it, to show the importance of keeping PK updated and that we are always improving :)

That also leads to the fact that our forum is going to have a major change, which should be concluded still in September and will improve the Forum experience. We hope you will enjoy it.

  • Now you can switch between the old and the new library directly throw the library tab
  • PK created wrappers shall not have problems with Wine unaccepted characters in the wrapper name
  • Wine System Tray dialog removed, since that can be done throw the Properties window
  • El Capitan update system for old wrappers improved
  • Now PK Custom Ports can be created using any engine from Wineskin’s Engine folder, and can be created offline
  • Added “Show in Finder” right click option
  • Added option to increase font size of WebViews
  • French translation by Samuel Gauthier
  • corefonts winetrick now is silent too
  • Apps Folders now are saved after each action
  • Wrapper creation speed increased a bit
  • All Direct3D overrides are working again (makes Fallout 3 work)
  • Added Requirements List to the wrapper creation process
  • Local apps now can be reordered if the user wants (list view only)
  • Local apps can be ordered by name or by size with a right click (list view only)
  • If the main EXE of a port is missing, PK will warn the user instead of opening Wineskin

Many bug fixes were also done. Most of these changes are already available in the latest Porting Kit Legacy version too.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

Porting Kit update banner by Stuart Ludwig

Porting Kit 2.2.76 release

Porting Kit 2.2.76 was released yesterday. Despite not being a stable release, that version received many changes (and I also haven’t posted about the last three stable releases, so I need to inform about the last updates since then :P). Here are the top PK changes since Porting Kit 2.1.16:

  • OS X 10.8 now is supported by the regular version (no need to use the Legacy version)
  • EXE files QuickLook, so you can see the icon of your EXE files in Finder
  • The Windows Partition of Hybrid Discs (PC / Mac discs) now can be mounted throw PK
  • Now you can create Custom Ports, which are empty Wineskin wrappers with PK special adjustments
  • EXE files now can be launched with a double click (you can choose with which port they will run)
  • The new library now supports drag and drop (you can simply drop an APP file on it and the app will be added to the library)
  • Boxer wrappers now can be added to the Porting Kit local library
  • Now he C: drive of a port can be opened directly with a right click
  • PK Video Card Memory fix now is applied in all computers, and not only in Intel Iris ones
  • Screen tab in Properties window, so the user can enable the High Quality mode (for Retina displays) or force fullscreen / windowed modes
  • PK main tab system replaced with a toolbar to match with Apple apps style
  • A Play/Install button now appears when you hover an app in the library
  • The library icons can be resized with the two fingers magnifying gesture
  • ‘Add Frame’ right click option (from Porting Center) added to the drop icon area in the Properties window
  • New button ‘Install Mod/Patch’ to… well, I think you can guess :P

Other minor changes were also done. Most of these changes are already available in the latest Porting Kit Legacy version too.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

Porting Kit update banner by Stuart Ludwig

Porting Kit 2.1.16 stable release

Porting Kit 2.1.16 was released yesterday, and now it’s a stable release! This is the first stable version of Porting Kit 2, and it introduce dozens of bug fixes, multiple improvements and new features! Here are the  most important changes:

  • New Library Style (and new games page with it)
  • Errors handling was improved (less chances of crashing)
  • Downloads of any kind has less chances of failing or causing crashes
  • PK was improved to support new translations easily in the future
  • Added two new languages:
    • Dutch (thanks to PaulTheTall)
    • German (thanks to Sascha Lamprecht (Sascha_77)
  • Local games have their source identified throw the backup file
  • The GOG Galaxy option (which had bugs) was removed
  • Properties window can edit any application now
  • FnToggle option added to the Properties window
  • Steam Store should work in all Steam ports
  • Silent installations won’t have a cmd window opened all the time anymore
  • Custom WSIs now have description and trailer too
  • Added slider to change the icons size in the new library
  • Intel HD video cards now have their memories set manually in the ports (like with Intel Iris)

And these are only the most important ones! If you want to check all the changes in PK since the last stable release, check it here. And for the Porting Kit Legacy users: that update will be coming to you too very soon!

Captura de Tela 2016-05-21 às 10.07.31

Amazing, isn’t it? And more updates will come in the future ;)

And to all the users that provided your Crash Log reports: you’re the real MVP. Thanks to each one of you PK could receive that stable release, because each report was analyzed carefully in order to make PK much more stable.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

Porting Kit update banner by Stuart Ludwig

Porting Kit 2.0 released!

Porting Kit 2.0 is finally released! MANY improvements were made for that special version, so we gonna talk just about the most important ones. Firstly, our amazing new Library! With the collection style you can now browse local and server games like they were in a shelf, with the good and old Dock feeling. That also leads to the fact that games which are simultaneously new and free will be able to be identified.

New PK Library

In case you prefer the old Library style or your internet/computer is too slow to use the new collection, we understand. You can go back to the Classic Library style throw the app preferences at Porting Kit -> Preferences.

As you probably could already imagine game pages are also different in the new PK style, and here it is:

PK new game description

The new game page view gives you easy access to all the features available to a local or server port, like watching install instructions, editing the game properties, etc. Furthermore, now the source icons are buttons, which leads you to the game page where you can buy the game before pressing Download (that also applies to the Classic Library sources icons)!

Many other surprises awaits you in the new Porting Kit 2.0, like the Dutch translation, bug fixes, and the combination of the progress window with the main window! What are you waiting for? Update the Porting Kit and get the full experience of the new Library! (It will be set as stable 3 days after the release)

Porting Kit in Dutch

Oh, and I almost forgot. If you are a Porting Kit Legacy user… you will get Porting Kit Legacy 2.0!!! Porting Kit Legacy will also be updated with ALL the new features of Porting Kit 2.0! That’s exactly what you heard. EVERYTHING added to Porting Kit 2.0 is also in Porting Kit Legacy 2.0! You will just need to download it manually since Sparkle latest releases doesn’t work with OS X 10.6, so we had to remove it from Legacy.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

New Porting Kit! Native games and Origin is back!

VitorMM here, and Porting Kit have support to native games now! What that means? That means that now you will find links to buy native games in our database, so now you can manage ALL your games with the Porting Kit, and not only the ported ones. That will be specially useful when we rally a new feature in Porting Kit, which should be coming soon…

Now about Origin ports: they are back! All Origin port were updated to Paul’s newest Origin engine, and now we won’t have problems with the latest Origin version. No more update error in the end of the installation, and no errors related to game installations.

With Porting Kit 1.9.115, we also have some bug fixes since 1.9.95, which includes a bug which made Porting Kit incapable of being used by computers with more than one active user. Also, the Ranking tab is now multi-threaded, which means that it won’t froze Porting Kit until its content has been loaded.

Many surprises are coming in the next Porting Kit releases (my TODO list already has 12 items), so keep yourself updated. If you want to keep yourself in touch with the latest features, make sure you always update to the latest version. If you only want to access new features when they are completely tested, update only when the latest version is marked as stable, which will be the same version for download here.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

Porting Kit update banner by Stuart Ludwig

New Porting Kit released! GOG Galaxy improvements!

Hello everybody! I have some news about the latest Porting Kit. The latest version gives some improvements to the GOG Galaxy ports which will make them work better and fixes things. Starting with another Winetrick: nocrashdialog. That should remove a few inconvenient error messages, although those messages weren’t a big deal. The biggest improvement is that GOG Galaxy ports won’t have the “disk access problem” anymore, which was a huge problem for some games installation. So if you were planning to install any game with the GOG Galaxy port, update your Porting Kit to the 1.9.95 version or later to have the best experience!

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…


Porting Kit Legacy update

Hello, here is VitorMM! Yesterday I released the latest Porting Kit Legacy update, which contains all the improvements added in the latest regular Porting Kit update. The main focus of that post is clarify the differences between the regular Porting Kit and Porting Kit Legacy, in case you wanna know.

Before starting, let’s focus in the main difference: Porting Kit Legacy is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6+, while the regular Porting Kit is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9+ (possibly compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 too; need 10.8 Mac to confirm). Many new resources appeared between these two versions, which gives the regular Porting Kit more features than the Legacy version.

The following things were changed in order to make Porting Kit Legacy work with Mac OS X 10.6:

  • If you are using Mac OS X inferior to 10.7.5, Legacy should use WineskinX11 always (Mac Driver only works from Mac OS X 10.7.5 and beyond; some Mac Driver ports won’t work with WineskinX11)
  • Regular PK notifications are replaced with alerts in Legacy

Also, the following features were removed from Porting Kit Legacy to make it work with Mac OS X 10.6:

  • Legacy has no update system (latest versions of Sparkle are incompatible with Mac OS X 10.6)
  • Legacy has no Auto layout (which basically means you can’t resize the program windows)
  • Legacy has no Rate button (to avoid “unfair” votes; that’s related with the Mac Driver problem and will be changed in the next release to only avoid votes from Mac OS X inferior to 10.7.5)
  • Legacy has no FPS Counter (that feature doesn’t work with Mac OS X 10.6, as far as I know)
  • Legacy has no Screen Recorder (same as above; there was no AVFoundation at the time)
  • Legacy only has the English language (only OS X 10.8 and superior support internationalization)

And these are the differences between the regular and legacy versions. If you want to download the regular version, click here. If you want to download the legacy version, click here.

Porting Kit Update – 1.9.52

Hello everyone! Here is VitorMM, and I’m here to announce that a Porting Kit Update was released today as stable! Since Porting Kit 1.9.18, the Crash Log feature started to work, and people could send us the logs of their crashes, which allowed me to update the Porting Kit and fix some of its still unknown problems.

I would like to thanks to ALL the people that sent their Crash Logs, and ask everyone to keep sending if you have any crash! Thanks to you, I’ve been able to do 8 Bug Fixes and 1 Improvement to the Porting Kit, among with many other changes made by me since the last Paul post, which includes (summed up):

  • Fixed: Signature problem solved
  • Fixed: If the download of a WSI corrupts, PK won’t crash trying to launch it
  • Fixed: File extractions won’t crash the app if the file location couldn’t be detected
  • Fixed: Sparkle updated
  • Fixed: Crashes won’t happen if something goes wrong during the NEWS tab loading
  • Fixed: Translations should be loaded correctly now
  • Fixed: Avoiding crash if port gets unselected in local tab during remotion
  • Fixed: If the user cancels the selection of a local custom engine, PK won’t crash
  • Fixed: Added a try/catch statement to the add application panel, in order to avoid an unknown crash
  • Fixed: If there was an error obtaining the full size of a file during a download, PK will handle it
  • Improved: Brazilian Portuguese translation updated
  • Fixed: If the user starts to type something in the search bar, the actual item is unselected
  • Improved: Now the library description will only appear in the first moment; switching between Local and Server tabs or using the search won’t show it again
  • Improved: The user now can’t install two wrappers at the same time (it use to corrupt both wrapers)
  • Improved: Switching between Local and Server tab won’t close a description
  • Improved: Installed games with a recent internal description will show their game IDs
  • Fixed: Added an exception catcher to avoid crashes when loading an app description (reported by two users)
  • Fixed: Buy and Visit Site buttons should now appear again
  • Fixed: Detection of Crash Logs should be working now
  • Fixed: The download of the Master Wrapper won’t be silent anymore
  • Improved: The Master Wrapper download/extraction algorithm was improved
  • Improved: When clicking on a game in the server list, its ratings will appear instantly
  • Fixed: Corrupted master wrappers should be removed correctly
  • Improved: FAQ now answer things related to the latest changes
  • Improved: Four verifications were added during the wrapper creation process in order to detect problems
  • Improved: If the user has no permissions over the /tmp folder, PK will keep working in the wrapper location
  • Fixed: New master wrappers won’t be extracted with 7za, but with tar again
  • Note: The above fix solves the Wine Prefix problem affecting new users
  • Fixed: Game description, trailer and ID are saved after the port creation
  • Improved: Add-Ons will look for ports with their dependency game ID only
  • Improved: Cancelling the Add-On port search will enable you to select any Wineskin port instead
  • Improved: If the Wine Prefix Creation fails, the wrapper creation will be cancelled
  • Improved: If the Main EXE can’t be found after the port creation, PK will inform that it failed
  • Changed: The NEWS tab now loads the Porting Kit News page instead of PaulTheTall.com home page
  • Changed: Some information was added and a typo was fixed in the FAQ
  • Added: Support to Add-On ports
  • Improved: When installing an add-on, Steam, Origin and Uplay won’t be installed twice
  • Improved: Both Wineskin binaries (from Frameworks and from Wineskin.app MacOS) now have its permissions adjusted, just in case
  • Fixed: Wrappers won’t be removed by the kill wineskin processes function
  • Improved: The installation won’t fail if the Wineskin binary is with the wrong permission; it’s going to be adjusted

More stable then ever, I would say :D One more thing: we noticed that some people still use very old Porting Kit versions. We always try to give you improvements, new features and bug fixes in new releases, so I recommend you to keep PK updated if you want to enjoy the maximum experience :)

  • Add-Ons (Expansion Packs for example) are only supported from Porting Kit 1.9.0 and beyond;
  • Origin games are only supported from Porting Kit 1.8.61 and beyond;
  • Uplay games are only supported from Porting Kit 1.8.66 and beyond.

If you know someone which still uses old Porting Kit version, remind them to keep updated ;) The recommended version is the last stable version three days after the release.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…