Atlantis Pearls of the Deep for Mac

Another free Gametop game added to Porting Kit! This time Atlantis Pearls of the Deep! Game should work perfectly on all Mc systems. Enjoy this free game!

Drop colorful orbs and let gravity do the rest, as the pearls crash and clink their way through ramps, platforms, and spinning gears. Match 3 or more pearls of the same color and watch them disappear while surrounding pearls fill the void. Earn Achievements and Stars depending on how fast and efficiently you clear the screen, then use those Stars to purchase awesome and explosive power-ups. Play through 100+ regular levels to unlock the bonus levels for extra challenge.

Then unlock Zen Mode to play again and again at your own pace. Free game features: Enjoy over 120 levels of a unique blend of physics and Match-3 gameplay; Collect 7 awesome power-ups, like the Bomb Pearl, the Lightning Pearl, or the Ghost Pearl; Includes bonus challenge levels, mini-games, and Zen Mode with unlimited replayability; Find all the Power Crystals and save Atlantis from disaster once again.

Download the Porting Kit up here… or when you own Crossover, this Crosstie…

Panda Chunky for Mac

Part 2 of another Gametop game: Panda Chunky! Free games are always nice, and if it is a nice one, then its a double win! Panda Chunky is a fun puzzle game for young and old! Works great in Crossover and in Porting Kit

Panda Chunky is always hungry. Help Panda to find the way to receive the sweet bamboo sticks. Collect stars, find the keys, activate machines and dodge all deadly gaps to keep this panda adventure.

The game works great in Crossover, so that program is advised to use. So if you haven’t Crossover yet, then get it up here and buy the program or if you want to test it first, for the 14 days trial.

Download the Porting Kit up here… if you don’t have it or when you own Crossover the Crosstie here…

4 more free GameTop games added to Porting Kit!

Here a quick post for 4 more free GameTop games! Free is always nice, because the games are on Babelfish and Steam $9,99 or $5,99! So why wait? The 4 games I talk about are:

Chronology (TIP!!) is a unique mind-bending puzzle game with adventure elements.
Dirt Bike Super Racing is a challenging physics-based motocross game.
Space Legends is another great adventure/puzzle hidden object game.
Crystals of Time is a creative and challenging hidden objects mystery game.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

Chess vs the Axis of Evil for Mac!

For people who like Chess and some fun, then Chess vs the Axis of Evil might be a good choice. In this game you can play Chess against a friend or again the computer with some nice animation with it. It really reminds you to the similar game port Combat Chess, or the native Mac game Battle Chess Special Edition.

The fully animated chess pieces on the World Police team include six-shooter Dubya, Ninja Condi, Half-man/half-tank Rumsfeld and the quail-hunting VP (watch out!) and the British poodle. The Axis of Evil is headed by terrorist number one (who throws a mean sandal at enemy pieces), and is backed up by Saddam (back from the dead), the chap from North Korea with the funky taste in suits and a man in an eye-patch with a cat on his lap, who is particularly evil.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…