Longest Journey for Mac

Yes, its there…on many request and called the best adventure game of all times: Longest Journey!!! Yes, wine development, is thus far that the game now works (unfortunately) only on Nvidia and ATI/AMD Radeon Mac’s. So intel Iris/Intel HD Macbook users, need to have more patience to see it fixed in Wine. Anyhow, Nvidia/AMD Radeon Mac owners can play this awesome game on their Mac! I tested it on My Nvidia 650M iMac, and Brainzyy tested it on his AMD Radeon iMac without issues. have fun!

There are two worlds. One we know as our world, a world of science and logic and stark reality. The other world lies behind the veil of sleep; an Arcadian realm of magic and chaos, a realm where dreams may come true. Imagine being able to travel between these two worlds, between Stark and Arcadia. Imagine being able to Shift between realities as easily as stepping through a doorway. In The Longest Journey, you can. And in order to save the precious Balance between worlds, between order and chaos, between science and magic, you must.

Because it’s a custom engine porting kit only, go to the game page here…

Longest Journey for Mac

Imperium Galactica for Mac

On request! This golden oldie Imperium Galatica! This DOS game of almost 1GB size is working perfectly on even my low-end Macbook Air. Well, most DOS games of GOG.com works perfectly in Porting Kit and Crossover. This one as well. Imperium Galatica is a strategy Space game. Master Orion 1 + 2 maybe also be in your liking, if you like space games. 

You begin as a Lieutenant on a Destroyer, charged with restoring peace to a newly discovered sector. Scale the Imperial ranks and your missions become increasingly challenging. New technologies. New weapons. New responsibilities. Only you can decide how to balance warfare, colony management, research and production. Succeed and your objective expands. Sustain the Old Human Empire. Through diplomacy. Or brute force. Seven alien races. Two renegade human empires. Endless worlds. Endless wars.

Download the Porting Kit up here… or when you own Crossover, this Crosstie…

imperium galactica

Darkest Hour for Mac

Also on Request! We added Darkest Hour (A Europa Universalis game) for Mac (GOG.com source) to Porting Kit and Crossover. Game works great on even low-end Macs. Played this game on my Intel HD 5000 Macbook Air, without issues. You do need to turn off/deselect the “intro movies” in the game launcher, or the game will crash on start :P Enjoy!

Developed by a team of experienced modders from the Paradox forum, Darkest Hour is a stand-alone Hearts of Iron game. The game features a mixture of short and in-depth campaigns set across the darkest chapters of the 20th century. Play from the outbreak of the Great War up until the onset of the Cold War.

The game works great in Crossover, so that program is advised to use. So if you haven’t Crossover yet, then get it up here and buy the program or if you want to test it first, for the 14 days trial.

Download the Porting Kit up here… or when you own Crossover, this Crosstie…

Darkest Hour (A Hearts of Iron game) for Mac

For the Glory for Mac

On Request! We added For the Glory – A Europa Universalis game (GOG.com source) to Porting Kit and Crossover. Game works great on even low-end Macs. Played this game on my Intel HD 5000 Macbook Air, without issues. Enjoy!

Take up the reigns of your country, guide domestic and foreign policy, navigate thousands of historical events, engage in various struggles and lead your country to prosperity – all in the name of glory!

For the Glory offers full historical immersion, with a completely new indepth experience with over 10000 historically accurate events. Take charge of the mighty Habsburg Empire, the aggressive Swedish state, or the seafaring Portuguese. Build up your empire through trade, diplomacy, colonialism and war.

Download the Porting Kit up here… or when you own Crossover, this Crosstie…

For the Glory for Mac

Boulder Dash Remake for Mac

In this free game port Boulder Remake (aka Boulder Dash Remake) you play as a person in a cave who must find all the diamonds in the cave and then make it to the exit before time expires. This is much easier said than done. It is a very difficult game. There are many obstacles to overcome. Some of which are: Balls can fall on you. Items can case after you. And of course there are barriers. If the 16 already made caves are to hard, modify them or make your own with the built in cave editor.

There is not much music in Boulder Remake but make sure you have the sound on so you will hear the neat sound effects. In full screen mode the game uses a 640×480 resolution with a black border around the cave. The in game help accessed by pressing ‘H’ is very good but make sure you pause your game first. or time will run out.

Play the game using Porting Kit and go to the game page here…

Boulder Dash Remake for Mac

GOG.com Weekend promo up to 80% off!

Weekend! And another Weekend promo on GOG.com! This weekend lots of  native Mac games on sale, 40 to be exact from which 28 also for Mac! With games like PID (89% off!!), and Shelter (89% off). Sensible software is also involved with their golden oldies: Cannon Fodder, Cannon Fodder 2 and Sensible Soccer 96/97 (70% discount) and more. But also Loads of popular Adventure games like: Feeble Files, Gemini Rue, Primordia and Resonance (60% off).

But also for the Windows only games we have almost all of them added to Porting Kit and Crossover. Games like Shardlight, Technobabylon, 1nsane and Sensible Soccer 2006.

Simply check out the promo page to see all the sales up here…


TRON 2.0 for Mac

On request: TRON 2.0 for Mac! TRON 2.0 is a golden oldie from 2003. It’s the sequel to the original film out of 1982. The game works great on the Mac although the installation may take up to 20 minutes for the game to be installed. Also on Crossover the game works great. Enjoy!

Alan Bradley has finally perfected the technology to digitize people, which allows humans to enter the internal world of a computer. His program, “Ma3a,” has AI sophisticated enough to store the entire gene code of a person and the mathematical equations necessary to transfer people back and forth between the physical and digital world.

Download the Porting Kit up here… or when you own Crossover, this Crosstie…

TRON 2.0 for Mac

Porting Kit 2.4.184 released! Extra files are back!

Yes! Porting Kit 2.4.184 was released today! Since Porting Kit 2.4.171 there was a bug where ports with extra files which had to be downloaded inside the port had plenty of bugs, like losing the drive_c folder or downloading the file with the wrong name. That was solved once for all in 2.4.184, and we bring with it many others fixes since the last time we talked about a PK update.

Some of you might be wondering why we haven’t release a PK 2.5.0 yet, since PK 2.4.0 was released almost 4 months ago. The fact is that we like to save these version numbers for special releases, with new features that change how PK works or that add completely new capabilities:

  • 1.9.0: Expansion Pack system implemented
  • 2.0.0: Grid view added
  • 2.1.0: ‘More’ menu expansion finished
  • 2.2.0: Video card memory manually set in all ports
  • 2.3.0: Custom ports
  • 2.4.0: Local apps reordering

We couldn’t bring a special change in 2.4.0, since the implemented feature still only applies to the list view. However, we are reserving some really special features for the next PK releases. Two of them are almost ready, and the others are still in the beginning. If everything occurs has planned, PK next versions will have new features that will make PK even more amazing :)

Porting Kit update banner by Stuart Ludwig

Delta Force Taskforce Dagger for Mac

Today another cool Delta Force game: Delta Force Taskforce Dagger! It works great :) Enjoy this awesome game! Also multiplayer can be played using Novaworld.

As the US army’s elite special operations soldiers you are the most potent ‘smart weapon’ known to man. You are the ‘tip of the spear’ for covert operations around the world — you are the first line of attack. Nothing stands in your way. From the war torn streets of Somalia you have been re-deployed to take out targets in Colombia and Iran. As the US military’s preemptive strike force you must work with your team to get the job done.

Download the Porting Kit up here… or when you own Crossover, this Crosstie…

Delta Force Taskforce Dagger for Mac

Worms Armageddon GOG.com Source added to Porting Kit and Crossover!

Here a quick heads up! I added the GOG.com version of  Worms Armageddon as well. I couldn’t fix the fullscreen bug yet, but the game works great in virtual desktop mode (1024×768 resolution). A most have game for the Worms fans :)

– Added GOG.com source
– Added in Crossover (Cross-tie)

If you don’t own the GOG.com version yet, get it here…